Port Bruce Flood - Round 2

Nancy Verhoek Febuary 20, 2018

February 20th, 2018, another flood in Port Bruce. With the warm temperatures causing the melt and the excessive amounts of rain the past few days, Catfish Creek let loose again. Ice started to block the flow of water for awhile and caused flooding. The machinery at the pier finally made an opening in the ice damn early afternoon and the water was able to make its way back down the creek to the lake. Here's some footage of Colin St., Dexter and Rush Creek Lines and at the pier.

Thanks to all for their concern, everyone and their trailers are ok! Park 1 remains unsafe for entry until further notice and will need a little more cleaning up than usual in the spring. Park 2 was unscathed this time but very icy!

Click here to see images and videos from the first flood!